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Using Fake Doctor’s Notes for Work, School, and More

a few helpful doctors ready to excuse youIf the day to day routine is riding on your last nerve and your tired of the drama, the chaos or the plain old repetition maybe your in need of a few days off. The question is not when, it is how. How to get a day or two off work or out of those same old classes? You may not be sick, but illness almost always works, after all who wants to argue with a doctor over what is better for your health.A doctor’s excuse from activity or work is a proven way to get some of those much needed days of R&R. The problem is you are not actually physically sick and you can not find a doctor who will just right you and excuse.
The answer is simple, fake it. Find a fake doctor’s note that fits your needs and you are set.There are many ways to acquire a fictitious doctor’s note. Online offers several immediate downloads that may serve your purpose. Some may be free while others may cost a little bit (lets face it nothing good is free). The key to acquiring and achieving the time off is believability. Some people are to focused on the time off work to really put a good amount of thought into what makes a successful forging. For example the person who is looking for multiple days off should have an illness that actually takes a few days to recover from. An employer may see straight through the employee that turns in a note that explains the patient is unable to work due to the pain from a sprained muscle if the next day said individual returns to work with no expression of pain and a pep in their step.

Together we can review a few of the most common mistakes made with the use of fake doctor excuses.

1. Stay within the realm of possibility. As previously mentioned the excuse should match the time off and the person using the excuse. The flu makes an effective three days off however that works best during flu season.
2. A professional looking excuse is always best. While some may be able to get off work using a poorly forged excuse most are not so fortunate. Things to consider would be the type of paper used, the doctor’s name (to ensure it is not some funny prank name), and the name of the clinic.
 3. Another common mistake is that if using a website for a doctor’s note then you should ensure that it is not marked as a novelty item. This is a certain and dead giveaway as there are websites that assist managers in the detection of fake excuses. The internet helps those who pay you just as much as it helps you stick it to the man.

4. Also you will want to ensure that if an address is given that it within range of your area. It is best to seek s site that offers the consumer the option for adjustments like these.


5. If there is a phone number posted on the excuse it may be best to pay the extra amount that offers a call back support. That way if your manager or school call the office for verification they are able to speak to someone who will give credit to your case instead of just a random phone number.


6. And finally as with all good misdirections you will want to keep track of your previous excuses and when you used them. It is always best if you frequently use excuses in this manor to be alert to what you have used, how, for how long, and when. It may be best to write it all down and to keep a copy of the excuse for your own records.

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