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Five Mistakes to Avoid While Using a Return to Work Slip

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025-2Five Mistakes to Avoid While Using a Return to Work Slip

If you are planning to use a fake “Return to Work” slip for a doctor’s note, please be careful. It’s a cliché but it fits right when you are going to take the risk of using a return to work slip. It’s better safe than sorry to avoid these five common mistakes:

  • Phone Number:
    Don’t use your home phone number as the medical contact number, if you don’t want to be called into the boss’s office to explain yourself. Unless you are a medical miracle you have a brain, so use it. If you are male, be sure to check that the number you give isn’t for the local gynecologist unless you are planning a sex change. But that’s next year’s excuse. Also, verify that the clinic is still open and operating by calling the number yourself. Having your boss call the made up number, which happens to be K&K Kakes, could be a red flag.
  • Medical Facility Address:
    While you’re on the phone with the clinic, and still thinking about your legit excuse, get their address and ask for directions. If you can’t tell your human resource representative where you went, it won’t look legitimate. Don’t just pick an address from a vacant lot; it’s so beneath you. However, after you lose your job for being lazy and stupid, that vacant lot might be better used as your new fake work address.
  • Prior Excuses:
    Limit the number of excuses you make for the year to less than five and keep track of your prior excuses. If you can’t remember the last four excuses, you should consider using brain tumor as your last excuse. With your memory going, they might even send you flowers on your last day. Pick a medical excuse that a smart person would believe. Find a smart person.
  • Real Medical Problem:
    Don’t pick a medical issue by throwing darts at a medical book. If your tumor is still growing but not ready for surgery, consider the flu but not for every excuse. If you use the twisted ankle excuse, be prepared to hobble for a few days or, at least, put a rock in your shoe. Just make sure it’s in the same shoe. Migraines are great. I can’t even think straight when I have a migraine, so this should work well for you.
  • Professional Note:
    If you’ve never been sick before, and you’ve never had an actual doctor’s note in your hand, you might consider having someone write the note for you. Remember that smart person. There are plenty of fake note writing sites online that can lend you a hand. If you still want your job when you get back from your “sick” holiday, you should consider paying a professional. Don’t consider a novelty site that uses fake notes as gag gifts as you’re smarter than that and if you’re not, don’t let that smart one you found get away. Also, unless you have excellent penmanship, print your note with a printer. Yes, there’s a form for that. Use printer paper. Use Printer ink. Turn the printer on. Read more at our home page at Feel free to also read this interesting article.
seach the best notes from a physician online

Doctors’ notes is all you need

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How to Make a Fake Pregnancy Fake Doctor’s Excuse Note

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pregnancyMaking a pregnancy form to be free from work is a bit tricky. You would need to know how to make a doctors note that looks real. Follow these steps:

  1. Make it believable. This should go without saying, but if you have not been married or if your coworkers think that you may not even have a chance of getting pregnant, don’t try to use a pregnancy excuse. You may also want to make sure that you are a woman because, believe it or not, some men have tried to use a pregnancy excuse.
  2. Make it match up. Using a pregnancy excuse that says you are due in 6 weeks will be something that will be very hard for your boss to believe. He or she may not know that much about you, but they will be able to tell whether or not you have been pregnant for the past seven months. Consider using the note by saying you are a few months pregnant.
  3. Include a doctor’s name. Consider searching some doctors in your area for the name you want to use on the note. This is imperative for creating a note that is believable.
  4. Include a contact number. This is something that must be included on the note because your employer may question the legitimacy of the note. You will be able to show that you truly went to a doctor if a phone number for the office is included on the note. Be sure to choose from a number that goes to an answering service for your “doctor’s” office.
  5. Pay for the note. Once you have created your perfect pregnancy excuse, be sure that you acquire it from a paid company. By using a free company, you may save a little bit of money, but you will have a harder time in the long run. By paying for it, you can get exactly what you want in a note that looks truly legitimate.
  6. Turn it in. If you feel you have done a good job with your note, you should be ready and willing to turn it in. Try to remain inconspicuous in doing so because your employer may be watching you to note any signs of suspiciousness. This can be a major issue and may blow your cover.
  7. Continue with the story. If you are pregnant, you will probably be pregnant for a long time. Make sure that you are able to continue the story for the rest of your “pregnancy” to ensure that your employer does not question the legitimacy. A fake note is a great way to get started, but a fake pregnancy is something that takes true commitment. You might also want to check out this article on excuses.

Quick Tips for Fake Pregnancy

  • Be of an age where it is considered normal to get pregnancy. If you are over 60 and want to use this excuse, just don’t.
  • Be a woman.
  • Follow through. No matter how hard you have to try to play the pregnancy off, just do it to ensure you don’t get caught.
  • Always be respectful. Even if your employer doesn’t believe you, it is a good idea to still respect him or her. Offer them the opportunity to find out the legitimacy of the note and never give up that it was all pretend.
  • Go for quality. Some sites will offer you free notes. This is a big NO NO! You will have to spend more money, but you will get the quality that will allow your employer to truly believe you are pregnant.

If you need a dr. note template, you can read this page here.

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Tricks To Using Hospital Discharge Notes/ Forms for Work

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hospitalHave you ever had that day when conditions were perfect for something you are passionate about, but you had to work? You’re a skier and there’s 18 inches of fresh, pristine powder waiting for you less than an hour’s drive away. You live in Southern California and it’s the first perfect 80 degree day you’ve seen in months, your tan is fading fast and you could really use a day at the beach or the pool. Have you used up all your sick days but would gladly take an unpaid day just to do what you love?

Or maybe you’re a student who had something come up and just can’t get that term paper done on time for school. Or your roommate gains last-minute access to her father’s private jet to whisk you off to a luxury weekend in Vegas, which you just can’t bring yourself to miss even though you have a project due in school on the following Monday.

How awesome would it be to have the ultimate “get out of jail free card” right at your disposal? Imagine you could fly off for your weekend or take off for the mountains without penalty from your teachers or employers thanks to the very best ready-made excuse in the book – a bona-fide, verified injury or illness, with all the appropriate paperwork to prove it!

Did you know that you can order fake doctor’s notes and even hospital discharge forms online? There are companies that have invested hundreds of hours in gathering real doctor’s excuses and hospital forms and studying them to provide the most accurate replicas available. They have even been tested by multiple media and news outlets and shown to work for even the most suspicious of employers or teachers.

Need to prove a sudden case of appendicitis? No problem.

Need to prove that you fell and sprained your wrist, discharged a kidney stone or even had an appendix removed? There are internet sites that have you covered all the way.

There are even places that offer phone verifying. They will list a phone number on the excuse so that even the most suspicious of watchdogs will be unable to prove that the documents aren’t real.

And it’s not just for work or school either. Really want to avoid your great aunt’s wedding to her fourth husband without hurting her feelings? Nothing like discharge papers from the hospital to convince her that nothing short of losing a kidney would have kept you from being by her side.

Need just a few hours to do some last minute holiday, birthday or anniversary shopping? Nothing like a Gynecologist, Urologist, Podiatrist or other routine appointment to get you a few extra hours of needed time away from work or school. Friend coming in from out of town and only has time for a long lunch? No problem. Just download a professionally manufactured doctor’s excuse note, and enjoy as long of a lunch as you want!

Got last minute tickets to the Super Bowl the same weekend as your wife’s family reunion? Nothing says “I really wanted to be there” like a full file showing your emergency surgery on an exploded filling.

Desperately need to get out of jury duty? Nothing like forms from the Emergency Room showing that you genuinely and honestly sprained your ankle and have the accompanying physician’s notes advising you to stay off of it for a full week.

The great thing is, you can use them when you know in advance you will need time off, or when something sudden came up that you need an excuse for. Next time you need a ready-made iron-clad, rock solid excuse to do what you love or get out of what you hate, just look for fake doctor’s notes & excuses online. But be sure and get them from a reputable, trusted source that has a proven track record of providing a quality product! If you need a great doctor’s note, browse our homepage.   You might also want to check out this page here or our doctor’s note template page.

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Insider Confessions of a Fake Dr Note Template User

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I have a true confession. No, I don’t cheat on my taxes or on my spouse. I don’t steal. I don’t lie. Well, OK, maybe a little – like when I use a doctor’s note template to fake an excuse to get out of work for a day. It’s a little harmless act and it saves me in a big way.

Like almost everyone I know, I get more sick days at work than I know what to do with. I have personal days, but near as I can tell those are just vacation days that don’t roll over into the next fiscal year. And my actual vacation days? Forget about it. Between family obligations and holiday traveling and other times I need to take off from work just to live my life, it’s hard enough to find a time for an actual vacation. So what am I supposed to do when I just want a simple single day off? For more into check out our dr. excuse page.

I get out of work using a doctor’s form template. If you don’t know a Dr. (and have the means for a little light-hearted blackmail) it’s the only way to get a reliable, alibi-proof and completely believable note for your office.

When I get stressed out from being overworked, sometimes I just need a Wednesday to chill out. Whether it’s sleeping until 11 and having an actual complete breakfast or watching TV for a few hours and ordering delivery. Maybe even do errands that can be a pain in the butt to get done at my work lunch hour, the rush after work, or in the long lines on the weekend. Or, then again, maybe just use a day to not even put on pants if I can help it.

Doctor’s note templates make this simple, and the best part is they’re repeatable as long as you keep track of which ones you’ve used. With access to dozens I always choose the most appropriate one and then simply edit it on my own home computer and print it out when ready.

Sometimes I need a day off when I know there’s a chance I might get told no. Sometimes I already bought tickets. Sometimes it’s just a matter of who knows what can come up. The boss can always say “no” when you ask to use a personal day or a vacation day, but the only way to get a “yes” every time is to not ask, but tell them – “I’m not coming in to work today; I’m sick.” And of course, you need to have the doctor’s excuse to back you up and satisfy HR when you next come in to the office. Check out our page on templates over here.

Come to think of it, it’s not really much of a stretch anyway. After all, using a fake physician’s excuse to get out of work was in fact an actual mental health day – with no pricey psychiatrist.

So don’t live your life needlessly stressed-out and overworked. Don’t look to weekends as your only salvation and then ruin them by trying to cram in too many activities and obligations that you can’t relax. Don’t miss out on a chance to go to an out-of-state wedding because you don’t have enough vacation days stacked up to make the flight worth your while. Save your vacation days for your vacations and when you just need a quick break from work to keep your sanity, use a sick day. And a fake dr. note template, of course. To learn more on dr. notes, check out our homepage.

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A Fake Dentist Note Template to Excuse You From Work

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The Scenario
Office Worker with Mountain of PaperworkIt was a long Monday for you at work and Tuesday is not looking any better for you at this time. You are tired, you are not feeling productive, and you know you will just bring the moral of the office down if you go into work. Unfortunately, you have a ballet recital for your daughter this weekend too and you need time to get all that together too. The week is getting longer by the minute just thinking of all the errands you need to do and you think to yourself “what if I take the day off?” You think about your options which are the following:

1) Don’t go to work and risk being fired or written up for not coming into work.
2) Call into work and say you quit because you know you will be penalized for not going into work.
3) Obtain a fake, legit doctor’s form to take into work the next day you return.

But how do you plan to stay out for a sick day when you do not a way to get a doctor’s excuse? Is there a way? The great news is there is a way to obtain a legit doctor’s excuse for your work and you can rest well knowing that this will be a quick solution for your needs! For busy days and weeks, a day to run those errands is imperative for yourself, your family, and in the end a better focused individual at work.

The Solution
There is a way to obtain a quality, legit doctor’s excuse and not be concerned about your job. Now, to make this work, it cannot be free since all those options tend to be less quality and easily traced. It needs to be with a reputable company. There are days when you need to regain focus but many companies do not offer “metal health days” to refocus on life, job, and family and friends. Being able to take time for yourself to simply get errands taken care of can be a load of stress off your shoulders! With a legit doctor’s excuse for you to present to your employer without being caught is worth every penny. Not only will your note look authentic but it will provide you a sense of security knowing that you just took a day from work without consequences and now you are back ready to take on any task! Check out the home page to learn more on fake doctor’s notes.  You can also read more on templates by going here:

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Some Tips About Using Doctor’s Excuse aka Return to Work Form

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doctor-patientReturn to work forms have been used by employees and students for years. These individuals have found that items such as fake notes can be useful in a number of situations. Not only are they very useful but they are able to fool professionals.

Work and school can cause a person to be mentally and physically drained. Individuals that find themselves in these situations may be in need of a break but not able to take time off from work. Instead of continuing to go to school or work drained these individuals are able to take matters into his or her own hands and download a fake doctor’s note to be printed out. These fabricated notes provide excuses for individuals that have require some needed time to themselves. There is no need to worry about the doctor’s note being believable. These notes have been created to look exactly like the real thing.

Really sick

In today’s workforce employers require a doctor’s note even if you are really sick. Unfortunately, due to the rising cost of healthcare premiums some people are not able to afford a doctor’s appointment. These individuals still need to go home to get some needed rest but without the funds to visit a health facility, their job may be at risk. Do you have flu like symptoms but not able to make it to the doctor then you are in luck. Printing out a fake doctor’s note can allow you to skip going to the doctor so that you can just stay home and get the rest that you deserve. Don’t let your inability to afford a doctor be the cause for you to stay at work sick. Print out a fake doctor’s note today so that you can take time off of work that you really need. Feel free to also check out our article on doctor’s excuses.

Not prepared

Students may have a number of reasons to skip school with the help of a fake doctor’s note. School work came become overwhelming causing a person to forget about certain assignments. A fake and printable doctor’s note can get you out of taking a test that you did not prepare for. Also, if you need more time to complete an assignment, a fake doctor’s note can help you to buy time in order to get the assignment finished. Instead of receiving a bad grade on a test or assignment, print out a fake doctor so that you can become better prepared for class. If you’re looking to read about doctor’s note templates, you can read this article.

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Using Doctors Fake Medical Notes Template for Work / School

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Medicine doctor hand working with modern computer interface as medical concept

Medicine doctor hand working with modern computer interface as medical concept

So you’re considering using a printable doctor’s note to get out of something because there is something more important to be done (not leaving your bed does count as more important than some situations!)? Well, I think that is just fantastic, but here’s the thing, those people you’re giving this note to don’t think what you’re doing is fantastic. They also probably care more about policy and getting work done than the fact that your pregnant wife has been upset for the last 4 days and needs you to fix the car and get some stuff done.

Both sides can have valid arguments so a good way to look at the situation is to know inside yourself that you are acting appropriately. Only the individual can judge himself ultimately for the things he or she has done. Now with that being said if you do decide that you are a morally outstanding citizen who has some ethically just events to conquer we should first make sure that you can cover your butt with these tips on how to use a printable excuse note. These tips will help make sure that no detail is missed before handing an excuse into an employer that may be nosey.


One of the easiest tell-tale signs of a fake excuse note is handwriting. Many people will write using their own font, and act surprised when a manager or teacher figures out that you wrote it. If you can, try to find someone that does is not involved in the situation, and take into account the type of person that you want to be portrayed on a note. This means doctors write like doctors, not like a calligrapher or a lawyer. Do some research. Google images work wonders! Also, if you need a doctors excuse go here.


Some bosses will look at smaller details on a fake doctors note, and it’s important to know how the note will be used by any company or school. Some will simply throw a note in a file or in the garbage. Others may check on information. When looking for information to check, having appropriate information that all flows together is crucial. Make sure that addresses are realistic and phone numbers don’t cause you to get caught. Maybe you will have to put in a friends number and have them pretend to be a doctors office. It all depends on how far you are willing to go in order to not get caught.


Having the right details down for your story and excuse note will make all the difference in whether a person wants to check out the information or not. Some companies may even have policies of not checking notes, and for those who work in one of these be grateful. Most people who don’t get caught do so by setting up their story as to not raise any red flags and cause someone else to want to know more about an inconsistency. Being simple and realistic is the best bet for keeping your story cool. Don’t go too far into your story if you don’t have to, but don’t say you have a hurt knee and you went to a neurosurgeon.

There’re lots of other tips, and my best overall advice would be to do research on any story that you’re trying to make seem real. Look up what a doctor would normally do in a situation if you want to get away with it. Know not just your story, but your company and management as well. Ask other people that have given excuse notes what they remember about any conversation. Obviously don’t do this a day before you miss a day. With the proper information, and the right excuse form anyone can get out of doing anything. You might also want to check out our doctor’s note template article.

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My recommendation

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Why Using A Fake Doctor’s Note Is Essential For Mental Health Days

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Scanning of a human brain by X-rays

It happens to the best of us. Sometimes, you just get stuck in the doldrums of life. Whether it’s a minor illness, personal turbulence, a death in the family, or whatever else, there are periods of stress in our lives that make it impossible to give 100% to our work without some time off to recover.

However, many bosses are not inclined to see things that way. They might come from an old-school work culture of perfect attendance, or they might just be disinclined to grant leave. It could be a company policy to require a serious life event for time off. In any case, these are the times when you want to have a fake doctors note for work to get the time off you need for your mental health.

But it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Getting caught with a fake doctor’s note can get you into a lot of trouble. And most fake doctor’s notes on the Internet, especially the free ones, are of poor quality and easy to recognize as fake. There are lots of ways that doctors make their notes difficult to copy. Furthermore, the personal information on doctor’s notes must comply with HIPAA, the U.S. law regarding patient privacy, and many businesses that make fake doctor’s notes don’t know how to write a note that complies with HIPAA.

A free online template for a fake doctor’s excuse is asking for trouble. It won’t be personalized with a doctor’s seal or even look like it came from a doctor. This is a good way to get fired, because if a boss is already unwilling to give you time off without the doctor’s note, giving him an obvious fake will really push him over the edge.

That’s why it’s important to find a website that really knows their business. The site needs to have put money, time, and effort into researching doctor’s notes and how to fake them. The best fake doctor’s notes will have many good qualities. For example, the site should offer a wide variety of notes in different styles. It should have just the right amount of information on it. There might be some additional forms that will make the note appear more legitimate. Having proper watermarks and logos is also important to convince your boss.

Take a look around the Internet and try to find a good seller. A fake doctors note for work is a great way to take the time you need to just recover your mental state. Keep in mind that faking a doctor’s note can get you in trouble, so it’s very important to find a high quality site. A good one will have notes for a variety of possible ailments, so you can decide which one will be the most convincing. When looking for a good site, you need one that is

  •     Quick to give you access to the notes
  •     Secure and confidential
  •     Dedicated to their work
  •     Capable of authentic-looking work

With that I wish you the very best of luck.doctorsnote-template-image

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How To Effectively Use A Fake Doctor’s Note Template

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A doctor's note template gives you massive power.

A doctor’s form template gives you massive power.

Have you ever considered using a fake doctor’s excuse to get out of a day of school or work? If you have contemplated using a note of this type, you’re probably wondering if it will work. Most people fear they will get caught and jeopardize their job. Thankfully, a doctor’s note template does work if you are careful. You must use forms that look authentic and the key is to not do this too often.

Why Use a Doctor’s Note Template?

Many have trouble deciding which dr. note to use. The choice all comes down to why you need a letter in the first place. If you need a day to take off and rest, a single doctor’s appointment note should take care of this. If you want to go on a trip for a couple days with some friends, this type of absence requires a hospital stay letter. Fitting the note with the circumstances is the first step in using a physician’s note. For instance, if you turn in a doctor’s note for the flu and were gone for a week, the employer might become suspicious. Make the letter fit the illness to look even more believable.

Never Purchase A Template Without Viewing Examples

There are 100’s of sites online that allow you to print a note, but don’t commit to any purchases until you have viewed a few of the samples they have. There should be some sort of free viewing so that a person can choose the note that works best for them. Make sure they look authentic and select one that is right for you and your situation. The template is there to personalize the note.


What To Look For In a Doctor’s Excuse Template

Before purchasing a fake note, it may be advisable to look at a real doctor’s excuse. They commonly are written on a prescription pad or are smaller in size. They always have a letterhead on them. They state the dr. name at the top and the address and phone number. If the dr. has a specialty, they also include that by his or her name. All doctor’s pads have a design in the background, or watermark of sorts. This helps to authenticate the note and makes sure no one can duplicate it.

All fake physician’s note templates will have these signs as well. The goal is to have an authentic looking note that when a person at the school or work looks at it, they have no question about its legitimacy. The more genuine it looks, the less it is likely to rouse suspicions.

The Note Must Be Verifiable

The HIPAA privacy laws have made things very difficult for employers. Because of an employee’s privacy, the dr. office doesn’t have to share many details about their patient or their conditions. A boss understands that he cannot call and ask any questions to the doctor about your condition, so this greatly limits what they can and cannot ask or verify. If they were to call and ask if the patient was seen, they would be told they cannot answer that question.

However, they can call and make sure that the phone number or the doctor listed is legitimate. Because of this verification factor, it is best to choose a doctor’s note that can be verified. This isn’t overwhelming. The company who supplies the note must have a voice-mail system that answers to the number they supply on their notes.

How It Works?

After finding the right template and filling in the proper information, print it out and hand it to the employer. So many people spend so much time worrying about who this will work, but most employers simply stick them in the file and don’t give it a second thought. If you are turning in notes all the time, they may be suspicious and want further documentation, but in general a couple notices a year isn’t going to raise any flags. Simply turn in the doctor’s note template and you are home free.

 If you need a fantastic dr. note template … The best bet is

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