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Why Using A Fake Doctor’s Note Is Essential For Mental Health Days

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Scanning of a human brain by X-rays

It happens to the best of us. Sometimes, you just get stuck in the doldrums of life. Whether it’s a minor illness, personal turbulence, a death in the family, or whatever else, there are periods of stress in our lives that make it impossible to give 100% to our work without some time off to recover.

However, many bosses are not inclined to see things that way. They might come from an old-school work culture of perfect attendance, or they might just be disinclined to grant leave. It could be a company policy to require a serious life event for time off. In any case, these are the times when you want to have a fake doctors note for work to get the time off you need for your mental health.

But it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Getting caught with a fake doctor’s note can get you into a lot of trouble. And most fake doctor’s notes on the Internet, especially the free ones, are of poor quality and easy to recognize as fake. There are lots of ways that doctors make their notes difficult to copy. Furthermore, the personal information on doctor’s notes must comply with HIPAA, the U.S. law regarding patient privacy, and many businesses that make fake doctor’s notes don’t know how to write a note that complies with HIPAA.

A free online template for a fake doctor’s excuse is asking for trouble. It won’t be personalized with a doctor’s seal or even look like it came from a doctor. This is a good way to get fired, because if a boss is already unwilling to give you time off without the doctor’s note, giving him an obvious fake will really push him over the edge.

That’s why it’s important to find a website that really knows their business. The site needs to have put money, time, and effort into researching doctor’s notes and how to fake them. The best fake doctor’s notes will have many good qualities. For example, the site should offer a wide variety of notes in different styles. It should have just the right amount of information on it. There might be some additional forms that will make the note appear more legitimate. Having proper watermarks and logos is also important to convince your boss.

Take a look around the Internet and try to find a good seller. A fake doctors note for work is a great way to take the time you need to just recover your mental state. Keep in mind that faking a doctor’s note can get you in trouble, so it’s very important to find a high quality site. A good one will have notes for a variety of possible ailments, so you can decide which one will be the most convincing. When looking for a good site, you need one that is

  •     Quick to give you access to the notes
  •     Secure and confidential
  •     Dedicated to their work
  •     Capable of authentic-looking work

With that I wish you the very best of luck.doctorsnote-template-image

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Aug 4, 2014