Insider Confessions of a Fake Dr Note Template User

I have a true confession. No, I don’t cheat on my taxes or on my spouse. I don’t steal. I don’t lie. Well, OK, maybe a little – like when I use a doctor’s note template to fake an excuse to get out of work for a day. It’s a little harmless act and it saves me in a big way.

Like almost everyone I know, I get more sick days at work than I know what to do with. I have personal days, but near as I can tell those are just vacation days that don’t roll over into the next fiscal year. And my actual vacation days? Forget about it. Between family obligations and holiday traveling and other times I need to take off from work just to live my life, it’s hard enough to find a time for an actual vacation. So what am I supposed to do when I just want a simple single day off? For more into check out our dr. excuse page.

I get out of work using a doctor’s form template. If you don’t know a Dr. (and have the means for a little light-hearted blackmail) it’s the only way to get a reliable, alibi-proof and completely believable note for your office.

When I get stressed out from being overworked, sometimes I just need a Wednesday to chill out. Whether it’s sleeping until 11 and having an actual complete breakfast or watching TV for a few hours and ordering delivery. Maybe even do errands that can be a pain in the butt to get done at my work lunch hour, the rush after work, or in the long lines on the weekend. Or, then again, maybe just use a day to not even put on pants if I can help it.

Doctor’s note templates make this simple, and the best part is they’re repeatable as long as you keep track of which ones you’ve used. With access to dozens I always choose the most appropriate one and then simply edit it on my own home computer and print it out when ready.

Sometimes I need a day off when I know there’s a chance I might get told no. Sometimes I already bought tickets. Sometimes it’s just a matter of who knows what can come up. The boss can always say “no” when you ask to use a personal day or a vacation day, but the only way to get a “yes” every time is to not ask, but tell them – “I’m not coming in to work today; I’m sick.” And of course, you need to have the doctor’s excuse to back you up and satisfy HR when you next come in to the office. Check out our page on templates over here.

Come to think of it, it’s not really much of a stretch anyway. After all, using a fake physician’s excuse to get out of work was in fact an actual mental health day – with no pricey psychiatrist.

So don’t live your life needlessly stressed-out and overworked. Don’t look to weekends as your only salvation and then ruin them by trying to cram in too many activities and obligations that you can’t relax. Don’t miss out on a chance to go to an out-of-state wedding because you don’t have enough vacation days stacked up to make the flight worth your while. Save your vacation days for your vacations and when you just need a quick break from work to keep your sanity, use a sick day. And a fake dr. note template, of course. To learn more on dr. notes, check out our homepage.