Tricks To Using Hospital Discharge Notes/ Forms for Work

hospitalHave you ever had that day when conditions were perfect for something you are passionate about, but you had to work? You’re a skier and there’s 18 inches of fresh, pristine powder waiting for you less than an hour’s drive away. You live in Southern California and it’s the first perfect 80 degree day you’ve seen in months, your tan is fading fast and you could really use a day at the beach or the pool. Have you used up all your sick days but would gladly take an unpaid day just to do what you love?

Or maybe you’re a student who had something come up and just can’t get that term paper done on time for school. Or your roommate gains last-minute access to her father’s private jet to whisk you off to a luxury weekend in Vegas, which you just can’t bring yourself to miss even though you have a project due in school on the following Monday.

How awesome would it be to have the ultimate “get out of jail free card” right at your disposal? Imagine you could fly off for your weekend or take off for the mountains without penalty from your teachers or employers thanks to the very best ready-made excuse in the book – a bona-fide, verified injury or illness, with all the appropriate paperwork to prove it!

Did you know that you can order fake doctor’s notes and even hospital discharge forms online? There are companies that have invested hundreds of hours in gathering real doctor’s excuses and hospital forms and studying them to provide the most accurate replicas available. They have even been tested by multiple media and news outlets and shown to work for even the most suspicious of employers or teachers.

Need to prove a sudden case of appendicitis? No problem.

Need to prove that you fell and sprained your wrist, discharged a kidney stone or even had an appendix removed? There are internet sites that have you covered all the way.

There are even places that offer phone verifying. They will list a phone number on the excuse so that even the most suspicious of watchdogs will be unable to prove that the documents aren’t real.

And it’s not just for work or school either. Really want to avoid your great aunt’s wedding to her fourth husband without hurting her feelings? Nothing like discharge papers from the hospital to convince her that nothing short of losing a kidney would have kept you from being by her side.

Need just a few hours to do some last minute holiday, birthday or anniversary shopping? Nothing like a Gynecologist, Urologist, Podiatrist or other routine appointment to get you a few extra hours of needed time away from work or school. Friend coming in from out of town and only has time for a long lunch? No problem. Just download a professionally manufactured doctor’s excuse note, and enjoy as long of a lunch as you want!

Got last minute tickets to the Super Bowl the same weekend as your wife’s family reunion? Nothing says “I really wanted to be there” like a full file showing your emergency surgery on an exploded filling.

Desperately need to get out of jury duty? Nothing like forms from the Emergency Room showing that you genuinely and honestly sprained your ankle and have the accompanying physician’s notes advising you to stay off of it for a full week.

The great thing is, you can use them when you know in advance you will need time off, or when something sudden came up that you need an excuse for. Next time you need a ready-made iron-clad, rock solid excuse to do what you love or get out of what you hate, just look for fake doctor’s notes & excuses online. But be sure and get them from a reputable, trusted source that has a proven track record of providing a quality product! If you need a great doctor’s note, browse our homepage.   You might also want to check out this page here or our doctor’s note template page.