Using Doctors Fake Medical Notes Template for Work / School

Medicine doctor hand working with modern computer interface as medical concept

Medicine doctor hand working with modern computer interface as medical concept

So you’re considering using a printable doctor’s note to get out of something because there is something more important to be done (not leaving your bed does count as more important than some situations!)? Well, I think that is just fantastic, but here’s the thing, those people you’re giving this note to don’t think what you’re doing is fantastic. They also probably care more about policy and getting work done than the fact that your pregnant wife has been upset for the last 4 days and needs you to fix the car and get some stuff done.

Both sides can have valid arguments so a good way to look at the situation is to know inside yourself that you are acting appropriately. Only the individual can judge himself ultimately for the things he or she has done. Now with that being said if you do decide that you are a morally outstanding citizen who has some ethically just events to conquer we should first make sure that you can cover your butt with these tips on how to use a printable excuse note. These tips will help make sure that no detail is missed before handing an excuse into an employer that may be nosey.


One of the easiest tell-tale signs of a fake excuse note is handwriting. Many people will write using their own font, and act surprised when a manager or teacher figures out that you wrote it. If you can, try to find someone that does is not involved in the situation, and take into account the type of person that you want to be portrayed on a note. This means doctors write like doctors, not like a calligrapher or a lawyer. Do some research. Google images work wonders! Also, if you need a doctors excuse go here.


Some bosses will look at smaller details on a fake doctors note, and it’s important to know how the note will be used by any company or school. Some will simply throw a note in a file or in the garbage. Others may check on information. When looking for information to check, having appropriate information that all flows together is crucial. Make sure that addresses are realistic and phone numbers don’t cause you to get caught. Maybe you will have to put in a friends number and have them pretend to be a doctors office. It all depends on how far you are willing to go in order to not get caught.


Having the right details down for your story and excuse note will make all the difference in whether a person wants to check out the information or not. Some companies may even have policies of not checking notes, and for those who work in one of these be grateful. Most people who don’t get caught do so by setting up their story as to not raise any red flags and cause someone else to want to know more about an inconsistency. Being simple and realistic is the best bet for keeping your story cool. Don’t go too far into your story if you don’t have to, but don’t say you have a hurt knee and you went to a neurosurgeon.

There’re lots of other tips, and my best overall advice would be to do research on any story that you’re trying to make seem real. Look up what a doctor would normally do in a situation if you want to get away with it. Know not just your story, but your company and management as well. Ask other people that have given excuse notes what they remember about any conversation. Obviously don’t do this a day before you miss a day. With the proper information, and the right excuse form anyone can get out of doing anything. You might also want to check out our doctor’s note template article.