A Doctor’s Excuse for Work/School

A doctor's excuse is easily obtained online.

A dr. excuse is easily obtained online.

Everyone deserves a little time to themselves. An emergency comes up. Chores need to be done. Maybe you are exhausted from work or school.

The Solution – The Fake Doctor’s Excuse

While most people don’t enjoy lying, sometimes it is really necessary. A fake medical doctor’s note can resolve your problem. As long as a fake note looks legitimate, most bosses, teachers or professors will not check up on a note.

The Ease of Using a Physician’s Excuse Website
It is very easy to use sites that offer fake doctor’s forms. All you need to do is log on to the appropriate website, answer a few simple questions and you are on your way to receiving your doctor’s excuse.

Why Do You Need a Fake Dr. Excuse?

Most schools or workplaces require a fake doctor’s note if three consecutive days are missed. Not only does the note give an excuse for the absence, it also clears the person from illness and contagion so that they may return to work or school.

What about Free Notes/Excuses?

It is not a good idea to use a free note. There is no guarantee of the quality of such notes, and they may look suspicious. When you pay for the note, you can customize it to your own situation.

What Makes a Note Look Real?
When you use the name of a local doctor, the person who receives the note can at least call and verify that the doctor exists. Also, the signature should look real and not counterfeit. What is actually sort of humorous is that most doctors’ handwriting looks like a scribble. It would be good if the handwriting on your note appears that way.

Why Trust the Company That Produces the Notes?
A lot of research has gone into these notes by the companies that produce them. They study and replicate examples of actual doctor notes.

Use These Notes Wisely!
Fake doctors notes should only be used in an urgent situation. If you begin to use the notes too many times during the same period of time, bosses and professors will begin to get suspicious of the notes. There are also ethical considerations.

Fake Dr. Excuses for Travel
A fake doctor’s note template is many times necessary for travel if you look sick or pregnant. Not everyone has the ability to see a physician to get clearance, so these notes come in handy.